SNAST - South Northants (NHW) Area Support Team 

  Recent Thefts at Churches

  There was a theft and criminal damage at Hardingstone church last week (Nov 20). Thieves were removing roofing lead until the alarm system was triggered. Damage was also done to the floodlighting to prevent their actions being easily seen. The power cable was ripped from the ground and memorial stones from the cremated remains area were used to weight the floodlight down, so that it did not shine on the roof.  

   It has also been reported that in the week before the theft at Hardingstone Church, a large amount of lead was stolen from the church at Kislingbury. In addition, the contents of the Vicarage at Bugbrooke were stolen.

   Potential Bogus Anglian Water caller

  Northamptonshire Police are investigating an incident that occcurred in Greens Norton on Monday 14th July at about 12 noon. A man called at a house on Blakesley Hill purporting to be from Anglian Water. The occupier spoke to him and he tried to get access by saying that he wanted a water sample for testing purposes. He was denied access to the house and walked away towards Benham Road. The occupant subsequently telephoned Anglian Water who said that they had no-one of that description working in Greens Norton.

The man was described as being about 60 years of age, white, skinny build, short grey/white hair,local accent. He was wearing a high visibility yellow jacket and a lanyard around his neck with what looked like an Anglian Water badge hanging from it. The occupant only saw this one person and no vehicle.

The police are still making their enquiries to ascertain if this was a genuine official. However it must be assumed at this stage that the man was trying to get into the house to commit a crime. We should always be aware of people calling unsolicited at our own and neighbours doors. Remember the following points.

 1.  Always check identification - genuine people will encourage and expect you to do so.

  2. If in doubt always phone the company that the individual purports to be representing -   Look the number up yourself and do not rely on a number given to you by the person. They could be giving you an accomplices number.

  3. Get a good look at the person and any vehicle they are in - the more descriptive detail you get the more likely the police are of tracing them.

  4. Never be afraid to phone the police immediately - they will treat incidents like this as a priority and their response will be excellent. The more detail you pass them and the quicker they are told the better they can act.

  5. Remember if in any doubt do not allow entry to your home.

  6. Be vigilant - these types of crimes are normally committed on our more vulnerable neighbours. Do be watchful for them and act appropriately. 

Thank you, Ian Edwards, Chair of SNAST 

   11th May 2014 - A message from the Safer Community Team

      South Northants Safer Community Teams 

     Towcester Police Station

Watling Street     


NN12 6DE

Telephone 101 for non emergency

Email SCT-SouthNorthantsTowcester@

    Dear Resident

  Some areas of South Northamptonshire are showing an increase in vehicle related crime over the past 

few months.

Towcester Safer Community Team is working hard to catch the person/s responsible for these crimes.

We are currently experiencing raised levels of theft of tools from trucks and vans.

These vehicles are being targeted because they are builders and trade person’s vehicles often containing tools which are easy to sell on.

Please keep your vehicle locked and your keys with you, do not leave tools unattended in your vehicle and especially overnight. If you have expensive tools then please make sure they are taken out of the van overnight.

            To avoid the expense for buying new tools as they are not likely to be covered by insurance.

The South Northants area has also suffered from number plates thefts, which is when offenders target a vehicle in order to steal the number plates. This enables the criminal to place the number plate on their own vehicle and commit crime without being detectable. 

If you notice anything suspicious or if someone tries to sell you tools then please call us. Remember to note descriptions of those involved and registration numbers.

Thanks, Safer Community Team.

                        Please ring 999 in an emergency or if a crime is in progress

Please ring 101 to report any suspicious activity or non-emergency incidents to Northamptonshire Police.

24th April 2014

Over the last few weeks many of our villages have been targeted by burglars. There are a number of methods being used but typically windows are being forced. Commonly sheds / outhouses are being broken into and tools inside used to burgle the house.

The police have recently arrested a highly organised gang of five from North London who were equipped with a number of vehicles and radio links. This demonstrated the highly organised nature of the criminals who see us as easy targets.

We really do need to take better security precautions in the form of lights, locks etc. Holiday season is approaching and many of the houses burgled have been when the occupants have obviously been away. These organised gangs are not stupid and will continue to burgle us unless we tighten up on our own security -


We do live in a nice area and consequently are seen as an easy target - we are proving the burglars right.

Statistics show that if we take sensible precautions then we reduce the possibility of being a victim significantly.

Please do report anything suspicious - you know if something is not right so report it to the police

                              999 - CRIME IN PROGRESS

                          101 - POLICE GENERIC NUMBER


Thank you

Ian Edwards

14th April 2014

   There have been a number of village burglaries over the last week. One particular property in Greens Norton was burgled on Sunday morning between 7.30 and 8.10 whilst the occupant was at church. This may indicate that the burglars were aware of the occupants movements and knew that they had some time whilst they were at church.

It is even more imperative that we are security conscious and always lock and secure our properties. Never let your guard slip no matter where you live or whatever the time of day or night it is.

               We can be smarter than the burglar, we just need to think a bit more.

 Ian Edwards, Chair of SNAST

  30th January 2014  

   A similar incident has been reported by children at Greens Norton

  29th January 2014


  Can you please make your children aware of the following:

We have become aware of strong concerns in the areas of Blakesley, Helmdon and Towcester. Apparently there was an attempt to lure children into a car/van in Helmdon a few days ago. A friend of one of the staff at the local pony club has also reported her next door neighbour's child and their friends being asked in Towcester McDonalds which villages they live in and where they 'hung out' after riding. A McDonalds worker overheard the conversation and asked the girls if they knew the man. He then left. The police are aware.

There have also been a few burglaries in the area and there is some hypothesising that the burglaries might be linked to these incidents.

Do please be vigilant, particularly if you live in these localities

Below is a copy of a letter sent to parents from the Elizabeth Woodville school


Two boys were approached by a man in a car who asked to give them a lift. They were both shaken by this and reported the incident who passed it on to a member of our Senior Leadership Team. The police were called and they have given their account of the incident.

The police have asked that we inform students and parents to be aware that there is someone in the locality driving around and approaching young people to get in to their car. He has done this on several occasions – all credible reports.

Advice to students – stay with a friend – don’t walk alone. If anyone’s behaviour is suspicious to get away and contact an adult. If they are manhandled to get into the car to scream/shout and get attention. If they can remember the number plate to write this down and contact the police immediately.

24th January 2014

Don't fall prey to con artists

 People across Northamptonshire are being urged to think smart when it comes to con artists and not fall for their charms.

 During the course of last weekend there were five incidents where elderly people were tricked by con artists into giving away their bank details, in one case the victim handed over £3,000.

Police are reminding people that, under no circumstamces, should they give their bank details to anyone who has phoned them, no matter who they claim to be.

 In a number of instances offenders have clained to be police officers who are investigating a fraud and ask for the victims' card and bank details so they can check with the bank. They also tell the victims they will send a courier to pick up their bank card and any cash they may have recently withdrawn, in case it is counterfeit.

 Another ploy used by criminals is to persuade the victims to make an online transfer of cash.

 Brian Pye from the fraud and financial investigation team of East Midlands Special Operations unit, said: 'We want people to be aware of these cons so they do not fall for the charms of the people at the other end of the phone line when they call.

 'Our advice is to hang up the phone if someone starts asking you for your card or bank details and call 101 to report it to us.'

 If you receive one of these calls and are worried about your bank account, visit your bank to check your account.


 This information had been sent on behalf of Northamptonshire Police Community Connect

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