SNAST - South Northants (NHW) Area Support Team 

Minutes to AGM Meeting Nether Heyford Youth Club Hall, Roberts Field (off Furnace Lane), Nether Heyford, NN7 3BE.

Thursday 13th October 2016.
Nick King Chair Towcester
Linda Hemming Secretary Pattishall
Tina Adey Treasurer Yardley Gobion
Jean Glanville Grafton Regis
Barry Glanville Grafton Regis
Peter Edwards Roade
John Hunter Towcester
Richard Houghton Yardley Hastings
David Dungate Bugbrooke
Ian Hill Cogenhoe
Vernon Ilott Nether Heyford
Julia Raven Nether Heyford
David Connolly Evenley
Shirley Watson Hinton in the Hedges
Christy Nolan Rothersthorpe
Deni Topliss Kislingbury
David Smith Cosgrove
Gareth Meech Bugbrooke
Francis Vickery Towcester
Sergeant Claire Paul Towcester Police
PCSO Jen Harrison
Phil Renshaw Piddington
Simon Clifford Grange Park
Mike Crouch Quinton
Wayne Smith Cosgrove
Alison Jones Stoke Bruerne
Rebecca White Milton Malsor
Craig Coppin Potterspury
John Roberts Pimlico
Sue Oswell Wicken
Maggie Down Paulerspury
Maggie Merris Cold Higham
Sarah Sharpe Blisworth
PCSO Charlotte Morris 


Nick welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked everyone for attending. Nick thanked Sergeant Claire Paul and PCSO Jen Harrison for attending and for the use of Nether Heyford Youth Club Hall.
All present introduced themselves.

3. Approve Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting (8th October 2015)
The minutes of the last AGM had been emailed to all NHW Coordinators with the agenda.
Matters Arising from the Minutes:
Nick mentioned the Service Delivery Review and also Inspector Phil Kings had highlighted that crime statistics for our district are easily accessible via Police website and encouraged NHW Coordinators to have a look. See htpps://
Everything else to be dealt with as items on the agenda.
The minutes were then agreed and signed as correct.

4. Chair's Report
Everyone attending was given a copy of the Chair's report.
• We still have a major communication problem; we need more Community Messages and better handling of 101.
• Service Delivery Review not yet been resolved.
• Helping to sustain new NHW groups. Nick mentioned Nether Heyford NHW which now has 140 members.
• Greens Norton is one of a number of villages with no NHW Scheme.
• Nick gave credit to the police and PCSO's and their valuable link with NHW groups.

5. Police Update: Sergeant Claire Paul and PCSO Jen Harrison - an update on local crime issues and matters that affect Neighbourhood Watch.
Sergeant Paul informed us there had been a significant decrease in Crime. The latest figures are only up to July 2016. There has however been an increase in Theft from motor vehicles (mainly in hotel areas) - Harpole, Grange Park, Towcester and Daventry. This is hard to target but the Police are working on it. This affects crime figures, can be seasonal and coming up to Christmas. Lorries are targeted for diesel.
• Thefts - decrease

Criminal Damage - decrease.
Domestic Violence – the Police are working on keeping people safe. Risk is high and there are hotspots especially in Northampton.
• Inspector Kings is leaving in December.
• Sergeant Claire Paul is leaving in January.
• Sergeant Micki Simons will be looking after Towcester and Brackley.

Staffing is under review. There is 1 PC leaving next week (Jan Powell of traffic) so there will only be 2 PC's left. 
The new strategy is that Police staff working is much more fluid. No longer will a PCSO have a defined area which gives the freedom that anyone can answer an incident within a 5-shift working pattern.
The police highlighted the 3 ways we should contact them for non-emergencies: via 101; emailing that SCT email address, or a report online via the Northants police website.
The control room works on a grading and queuing system on calls.
Someone is dedicated to reading the incidents online so will be picked up. Not for crime in progress.
It was mentioned that an automatic forwarding of personal emails to the SCT email address could be considered if an issue (technical solution).
Accessibility - improve communication. Twitter run by media staff.
Police & Crime Commissioner Consultation – this is an important consultation recently issued to the police, organisations (inc. NHW) and the general public. Please have your say.
• PCSO Jen stated they don't have specific beats now. The Team focuses on certain incidents. PCSOs will still retain their own email addresses for specific one-to-one emailing.
• Good to use the SCT email addresses: enables several people to look at.

Discussion on social media. PCSO Jen informed everyone present that each NHW Scheme works in a different way - there isn't a right or wrong way. Some will get the message out straight away, others not.
• Northamptonshire NHW encourages us and our members to use the website. Ian Hill commented he thinks the system some schemes use is not efficient, not secure, and not sustainable. Although it seems to work for a lot of NHW Schemes.
• On the website, any communication from a registered member (i.e. changing their email address) will be communicated to the Coordinator.

Nick asked for Coordinators present to go to the website and have a look and invite their members to use it. Each member can select what messages they want to receive and it what format. In the future messages can be issued as text or voicemail but not yet.
NK to email his draft A5 guide to everyone.

6. 2016 AGM
i) Chairman's report - Copy at the end of the minutes.
ii) Treasurer's Report
Tina provided her report which was approved:
• There has been little activity on SNAST's bank account and the balance at the bank as at 30th September 2016 is £1,964.41
• £360 has been received in subscriptions from 36 Parish Councils. This was in response to our first communication which was an excellent result. Tina to send reminders.
• Tina has a large stock of alarms that SNAST purchases in bulk and offers to NHW members at reduced prices.
• Smartwater kits are purchased directly from Smartwater but a unique code is required for the special price of £25. Tina has the code. 

Nick opened a discussion on how SNAST uses the money received in subscriptions. Leaflets/Signs/Marketing equipment was mentioned. Perhaps a pool of equipment that NHW coordinators can borrow (via a booking system). Info to follow.
• Yellow lanyards are on order for NHW Coordinators. Polo shirts? A-frame?
• There is a new logo which is on SNAST Agenda - everyone tried to spot the difference (the old logo is very dated). At the moment the logo can only be produced commercially via 4 national suppliers.
• County NHW has bought some marketing equipment to help support NHW schemes being more visible – info to follow.
• The police have a mobile police unit that can be used to support large events.

iii). Election of Officers
• Chairman: Nick King was proposed by Linda Hemming and seconded by Ian Hill.
• Deputy Chair: Phil Renshaw was proposed by Nick King and seconded by Tina Adey.
• Treasurer: Tina Adey was proposed by David Smith and seconded by Barry Glanville.
• Secretary: Linda Hemming was proposed by Nick King and seconded by Jean Glanville.

7. Neighbourhood Watch: matters of concern and exchange of ideas
A survey was emailed to all 66 NHW Scheme coordinators at beginning of September. We had 20 replies which is 30% of NHW Schemes in South Northants.
In summary, 18 said they had no Speedwatch and 2 said they did (Towcester and Evenley) Evenley is hoping to get a fixed camera. Some schemes recognised they couldn’t operate Speedwatch anyway as roads too windy.
However, 8 NHW coordinators thought there might be an interest in SW in their village and Nick will follow this up with the relevant contact information to progress
In the discussion which followed Christy (Rothersthorpe) mentioned very hard to get people to help and a lot of verbal abuse. People are shocked. Nick mentioned that in the Training session people are told you will get abuse.
David Smith (Cosgrove) managed to get 2 automated signs but said that Speedwatch should be done by professional people. They need something to stop the speeding before they get to the signs. Should be better use of technology so people do not have the abuse. If you get abused take the Registration number and pass to the Police.
Speedwatch is done in 6 week slots shared between 2 villages and there are circa 45 Speed- watches active in the county.
The speed van does publicise where it will be in Chronicle and Echo.
Parking issues are now passed to County Council.

8. Any Other Business
Cosgrove has a NHW facebook group. They have trouble getting information received from the Police copied onto this page. Nick mentioned Simon Clifford (Grange Park) and Ian Hill of Cogenhoe could possibly help.
Nick thanked Jean and Barry for sorting the refreshments.
Peter of Roade mentioned contactless creditcards. There is a growing concern about the contactless cards we carry on our person or in a handbag or wallet. SNAST has ordered some contactless wallets which claim that thieves cannot get the digital information from cards. More information once received.

9. Dates and Venues of next meetings
Nick asked for any suggestions for venues for the open SNAST meetings. Please email Nick or Linda with ideas. Rothershorpe, Kislingbury and Yardley Gobion were suggested.
It was also mentioned that we are a large area and need to hold meetings at different ends of South Northants.
To be confirmed.

SNAST Annual General Meeting 13th October 2016 – Chair’s Report
Over the last 12 months there has remained the concern over the communication gap between the Police and Neighbourhood Watch. The shift by the Police to virtually exclusively use social media at the expense of our established route of emails and community messages is disappointing. I know from the messages I’ve received this remains a big concern to many NHW coordinators. On top of this, there is criticism from some our groups of the response rates and expected follow-up to reported crimes and incidents – the efficiency of the non-emergency number 101 is consistently questioned.
I can’t say the last 12 months has been a period of problem-solving but I do see encouragement for the next year:
(1) Community Messages: there is a growing impetus and recognition by the Police and other agencies to use this system and send out more messages by more staff. This I see as fundamental to the effectiveness of NHW and on our part I’m keen that many more of us (coordinators, deputies and members) are registered directly on to the system via so we can play an efficient role in disseminating messages.
(2) Service Delivery Review - this strategic review by the Police into staffing and their roles seems to be taking ages. However, the news I hear so far is that the role of PCSOs and neighbourhood policing is important and will continue to play a part.

(3) Sustaining NHW groups in our villages – we have a small but growing list of villages that need help in setting up NHW schemes or finding new coordinators for an existing scheme. The SNAST officers would value some help from you on this so we will keep you posted.

I’d like to give credit to our local PCSOs and Police officers for their continued liaison and support to Neighbourhood Watch especially at these challenging times when resources and work levels are restricted.
Finally, a big thank you to the SNAST committee for their continued hard work and dedication: this is greatly appreciated.
Nick King



Meeting held at Town Hall, Brackley, on Wednesday 15th April 2015

1.       Attendees

Nick King (Chair)

Phil Renshaw

Paul Stephenson

Maggie Down

David Connolly

Shirley Watson

David Dungate

Ian Fearnley (Chair - County NW)

Jean & Barry Glanville

Mike Langlois

Simon Clifford

PCSO Stephanie Bacon






Hinton on the Hedges



Grafton Regis


Grange Park


Linda Hemming  (Secretary)

Tina Adey (Treasurer)

Rebecca White

Mark Redding

Pam Watkins

Craig Coppin

Richard Houghton

Tony Ibell

Mike Crouch

John Roberts

John Hunter


Yardley Gobion

Milton Malsor




Yardley Hastings

Old Stratford




 2.       Welcome

Nick King welcomed everyone to the meeting and everyone introduced themselves. He thanked PCSO Stephanie Bacon from the Towcester team for attending, and thanked the Brackley Town Council for their generosity in allowing us to use the room at the Town Hall. 

3.       Minutes of the last meeting (14th January) were approved

The following matters arising:

(i)        SNAST will write to all Parish Councils in May with our usual request for a £10 annual subscription to SNAST funds to allow us to operate. NW Coordinators will be informed at the same time.

Do please encourage the subscription.                                                                                                          ACTION (ALL)

(ii)      Police “Identification Skills” presentation. Nick has still to email Coordinators copy of the aide memoire resulting from this police presentation at our January meeting.                           ACTION

 4.       Chairman’s Report

Nick highlighted the discussion at our last meeting regarding Coordinators’ comments on their contacts with PCSOs and also the receipt/effectiveness of Community Messages. With regard to PCSOs especially, concern has been raised by the reduction in numbers; the slow replacement of local PCSOs; the increase of their territory, and lack of communication from the police. Several PCSOs were named and praised and it is clear how we value their work.

PCSO Bacon reported that, for various reasons, 3 PCSOs had left Brackley over the last few months and a further 3 from elsewhere in the district. As yet, their replacement is undecided.

Ian (County NW) commented how Police budgets (not only at county level but across the country) are shrinking at a time when the population is growing and more houses are being built. 

Coordinators commented on the range and value of Community Messages and are generally well received. This included timely emails from specific PCSOs and the monthly Ward Updates. PCSO Bacon mentioned that volunteers may be trained to write Ward Updates.

As many of these comments are individual to Coordinators and sometimes anecdotal, SNAST is seeking a better, collective understanding of our experiences on (i) our contact with PCSOs, and (ii) our experience of Community Messages.

Simon (Grange Park) suggested the role of the Independents Advisory Group (which he attends) as a useful lobbying voice direct to the police to raise any concerns we have on PCSOs and Community Messages.  

SNAST will email a survey to all Coordinators in the next few weeks and the results will give us a greater knowledge and authority when discussing these issues with the police and County NW. Please complete and return the Survey as soon as you can. Thank you.                                                                     ACTION (ALL)

Several Coordinators attended the regional “Briefing on Policing” on 19th March at Wootton Hall, led by Chief Inspector Tom Thompson, and several said how successful and useful it was.

Nick highlighted that the police budget for 2 years (April 2015-2017) includes 100 PCSOs for the whole county (this is a reduction on numbers but we are not sure by how much) and there seems to be a priority shift within the police to favour Police Specials over PCSOs.

The idea of community or parish “sponsorship” of PCSOs was mentioned. It was commented at tonight’s meeting that this is not new: some parishes have sponsored PCSOs, and for example DIRFT in Daventry District contribute funding to 2 PCSOs.    

Treasurer’s Report

Tina (absent) has reported to the meeting that the SNAST current account is £1587.49 as at 10th April. She has stock of shed alarms, personal alarms and mini alarms. SNAST can purchase these in bulk at good discounts and pass these reduced retail prices to Coordinators. If you wish to purchase any please contact Tina at

5.       Area with no NW Schemes

There are 90 villages in our district and about 20 without NW groups. Phil manages the database of contacts for SNAST, which includes contact details on each Coordinator as well as Parish Council Clerks and a log of each allocated PCSO (when known). If your circumstances or contact details change (or your Parish Clerk) please let Phil know at

SNAST has a strategy to target villages where we are not aware of a NW group i. e. Nether Heyford and Hackleton. For example, SNAST has an open meeting in Nether Heyford Village Hall on 24th April in conjunction with their PCSO to encourage NW and hopefully find some village volunteers.   

PCSO Bacon mentioned news that there has been no interest shown yet in Blakesley for starting a NW group but she reported that there is a possibility that Whittlebury could have a Coordinator soon. David Aaronson in Deanshanger is looking to set up NW in that village. Nick welcomes more info.                                                                    ACTION (PCSO BACON)     

                                                                                                                                                 6.       Police Report on local issues 

Sgt Micki Simons of the Brackley Police team has sent us a Report and apologies that she or a member of her team could not attend this evening. Nick thanked her for her Report and read out excerpts. Her full Report is at the end of these Minutes. 

Mike (Brackley) present was able to update us that he is the coordinator for Brackley Streetwatch. There are 10 members. They do regular 2-hour patrols in the town in areas designated by the police. Their training includes each Streetwatch volunteer working side-by-side with a PCSO and only once approved can a team of 2 volunteers patrol. They have hi-viz jackets and mobile phones.  

7.       New housing developments and how we promote NW

We had an open discussion on our various methods used to (i) promote NW to new housing areas, and (ii) to new residents moving into our community.

Clearly several Coordinators (for example Maggie in Paulerspury and Shirley in Hinton in the Hedges) rely on good contacts to approach new residents in their village. They issue leaflets and stickers accordingly.

Mike (Brackley) told of his work with the Town Council to secure funding to print and deliver a NW leaflet and contact information direct to new housing developments. More of this work may happen in the future to respond to the significant new building in the town.

Nick (Towcester) had a similar approach across all residents, as well as future new housing, in Towcester with the support of funding from the Big Lottery.

Peter (Roade) highlighted the success of a social/community approach where NW set up a meet & greet style session, outdoors within a new housing estate, to encourage NW and bring neighbours together.

Other Coordinators produce “welcome packs”.

Ian (County NW) suggested contacts with Estate Agents and new housing Sales Offices and/or Developers to encourage distribution of information on NW.

PCSO Bacon suggested that NW attending community/social events (i.e. village fetes) as another good way to outreach.

Simon (Grange Park) suggested a more strategic approach with NW generally linking with the District Council to effectively disseminate information out to new residents who join the Electoral Roll. A conversation could be had to see if the District Council will accept some wording or information on NW to send out to new residents through this means.                                                      ACTION (SNAST)    

 8.       Phoning 101 and the new NW number 01604 888964

An open discussion: one view is that phoning 101 is cheaper from mobiles; another view is that 101 would be at a fixed charge but the 01604 number would be free as part of a phone company’s free local call units. Coordinators should update their information regarding the new NW number 01604 888964.                                                                                   ACTION (ALL and SNAST)

Ian (County NW) said that the Police should answer and process calls to the unique NW number quicker as the Police reduce their range of questions to the caller as they recognise we are NW.  

9.       Northants County Council and County NW: auditing the whereabouts of NW streetsigns

Ian (County NW) outlined to the meeting the (long and convoluted) history behind this topic and the resulting situation where the Northants County Council (on behalf of streetlight contractor Balfour Beatty) is requesting information on the whereabouts of NW streetsigns on streetlights owned/managed by NCC . Ian’s suggestion of a single licence to cover all NW streetsigns affected has been accepted in principle by NCC. It is unclear whether NCC wish to issue a 12 month or 18 month licence.

Ian has written to all county NW Coordinators since December 2014 flagging with his request for information and reports to us that he has details from about 500 out of the 1250 schemes in the county. He has not submitted this data to NCC yet. The logjam is that NCC has not answered his question as to what depth of information they require. For example, the Balfour Beatty streetlight numbering is a unique numbering scheme that does not require additional information such as street name and/or village/town name.

It was commented that we should ignore the request from NCC however there is a genuine concern that we may lose our valuable signs (and our obvious presence in the community) if NW signs are not licenced. It must be noted that NW, as a respected national organisation, and supported by the police, is unique in being allowed to position signs on NCC-owned streetlights. 

Simon (Grange Park), as a District Councillor, suggested we should seek a Full Council Motion at NCC to eliminate the need for this red-tape and so protect our NW signs now and for the future. Nick asked Simon to discuss with Ian (County NW) to see if he can help.                                                                   ACTION   

10.   Any Other Business

(i)        Mike (Brackley) stated that the PCC (Police Crime Commissioner) had 36 staff and a budget of £1.5 million and sought the thoughts of SNAST. Nick replied that it was difficult for SNAST to take a position as personally he saw the appointment and position of the PCC as a political issue, made worse at a time of cut backs and austerity. He commented that at the recent “Policing Briefing” it was exposed the weakness in the PCC not communicating at town and parish level.

Ian (County NW) commented that the staff number within the PCC office included some roles directly transferred over from the police (i.e. Lynn Rosher) and not only from the original Police Authority so it was difficult to compare resources.

 Although initially anti, Simon (Grange Park) added that, accepting the political background to the PCC, if we judged by results we have seen so far a 25% reduction in budget but a retention in police numbers and a reduction in crime.

(ii)      Nick mentioned that the leaflet which many Coordinators have: “This is Neighbourhood Watch: What’s it all about?” on the reverse has the old County NW number (01933 229499). This number is obsolete and must be replaced with the new number 01933 664146. Please do this. Stickers are available from SNAST if you let us know how many you require                     ACTION ALL)                                                                 

 SNAST also has stock of the “Stay Safe” A5 booklet.


Please note the following:

·            8th July (Deanshanger)

·            8th October (Grange Park and AGM)


It is with disappointment that we record the passing away of John Gwilt of Roade who was truly one of our most loyal and devoted colleagues. Many of us knew and admired John. He had a wonderful openness to share his wisdom and advice and he will be greatly missed. We send our best wishes to his family.  

Police Report  (Sgt Micki Simons) – issued 14/4/15

In July 2014 Brackley launched a Street Watch Scheme. This was slow to get off the ground with only an initial number of six participants. In order to invigorate this scheme the Sector held a day of action on the 1st of April 2015 in conjunction with the Community Safety Partnership. This day was a recruitment drive to gain additional volunteers for Street Watch and to expand the scheme capacity to include a School Watch. Both schemes aim, via volunteers, to provide visible patrols in the town offering engagement, reassurance to the public and disruption to ASB and crime. The School Watch element will offer children an opportunity to feel safe when leaving school and as such will be of benefit to Operation Limit. On the first of April an additional five persons signed up and another 4 registered an interest. The additional five are now undergoing vetting processes and the additional four will be contacted to encourage full sign up. All being well these people should be actively involved in the scheme by May 2015.

The scheme will evolve in time and seeks to address developing needs in the town, whether it be reducing anti-social behaviour, tackling littering and dog fouling or addressing crime prevention needs. The more diverse the range of members of the scheme the more it will benefit the Community. Street Watch will run independently of the Police in a similar manner to Neighbourhood Watch. There will be a two way line of communication between Police and Street Watch to ensure that the scheme can be as effective as possible.

Many of you may have heard rumours relating to the closure of the front office at Brackley Police Station. I can confirm that as of 31st March 2015 the front office closed, however the station remains as an operating base for officers from the Safer Community Team (SCT) and Local Response Team. Your SCT consists of a Sergeant and a team of PCs, PCSOs, Police Volunteer and Special Constable.

We are disappointed that we will no longer be able to offer a front counter service to the public. Should anyone visit the station after this date and officers are available then you will be seen, however a call to 101 would be more appropriate to arrange an appointment.

Brackley Police operate Twitter accounts @BrackleySctSgt or @BrackleySCT where we place updates as to our daily activities. These can give you information but are operated by Brackley officers and incidents will take priority. As such the accounts will not be monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you require more urgent information regarding an incident then please contact us via 101.

We also encourage you to join the Daventry District and South Northamptonshire Rural Forum on Facebook where communities can discuss issues and share good practice and crime prevention advice.

Please contact us in confidence via 999 in an emergency, 101 for non-emergency or to arrange to speak directly to a local Brackley officer then via our email address


Meeting held at Grafton Regis Village Hall.

Wednesday 23rd April 2014 


Ian Edwards                           Chair                             Greens Norton
Linda Hemming                     Secretary                      Pattishall
Phil Renshaw                        Deputy Chair                Piddington
Jean Glanville                                                               Grafton Regis
Barry Glanville                                                              Grafton Regis
Peter Edwards                                                              Roade
Nick King                                                                       Towcester
Richard Houghton                                                       Yardley Hastings
Mark Redding                                                               Blisworth
John Hunter                                                                  Towcester     
Maggie Down                                                                Paulerspury 
avid Dungate                                                              Bugbrooke
Yvonne Barnes                                                              Bugbrooke
David Ballard                                                                 Harpole
Ian Fearnley                      County Chair
Sergeant Mark Osborne   South Northants Police
PCSO Amy Thompson       South Northants Police 

Tina Adey                        Treasurer                            Yardley Gobion
John Gwilt                                                                     Roade
Inspector Andy Hall
raham Hill                                                                  Woodend
John Roberts                                                                Pimlico              



Ian welcomed everyone to the meeting.  All present introduced themselves. In commented on the good attendance. 

2.         Minutes of the last meeting 23rd January 2014 were circulated.

            David Ballard (Harpole) should have been included on the list of attendees.  The minutes were then agreed and signed. There were no matters arising.          

3.         Chairman's  Report.

            Ian will send a card to John Gwilt wishing him a speedy recovery.
            Ian had nothing else to report.  Everything covered elsewhere on the agenda.

4.         Treasurer's Report.

            The accounts had been emailed to everyone with the agenda.  Balance at the bank £1,899.32. 

            It was noted that £1,000 of this was from South Northants Homes and is in a restricted fund for the purchase of NHW Signs.  An Invoice has been received for the signs £858.60.

            In stock 45 mini alarms, 10 personal alarms, 12 shed alarms and 7 Smartwater kits.

            Bank Forms have been sorted.  There are now 4 authorised signatories  for banking purposes (2 out of 4 required).

            It was agreed to continue asking Parish Councils and Parish Meetings for £10 subscriptions.

             Our existing letter to the parish councils needs to be updated. This should show where their money has been spent during the last year.

            NHW Coordinators to be emailed when letters have been sent to Parish Clerks.

5.         NHW Schemes.

            The database of NHW Coordinators has been updated. 

            At a sub meeting of officers Phil agreed to take on the main responsibility for membership. Phil has spent some time revising this list and had a very good response.  

            All NHW Coordinators in SNAST were contacted and asked if they were still the current Coordinator.  Ian Fearnley (County) has given help with information and by cross checking with the County database.

            The NHW database used to be vetted by the police but is now handled by County NHW.  County NHW has had their own database for eighteen months.  It is very time  consuming to update.  New Coordinators need to fill in  a form which is sent to  County Office.  County NHW then advise SNAST.

            Ian thanked Phil for his time and effort.   

6.         Constitution

            At a recent sub meeting of officers it was decided  Ian would have a go at redrafting the constitution.  Copies of the draft were emailed to committee members before   the meeting for comments. 

            Linda handed out copies of Geoff's suggestions for amending the constitution.

            Comments  made -

·         Chairman has his own vote and a casting vote.

·         Add a Finance section.    This would include online banking.

·         7.2  An Agenda to be sent out 5 days before a meeting not 10 days.

·         8.2 Annual General Meeting - Agenda to be sent at least a month before.

·         Ian as chair to see the bank statements each month and sign off?  Ian Fearnley commented he sees the County bank statements every month and signs them off.

·         Advisable to have independent audit.  Richard Houghton agreed to audit accounts. 

·         11.  Alterations to constitution - take out?

·         Any other comments or suggestions to Ian within the next month.  Ian will then redraft and send out to the committee to approve.  The Constitution can then be ratified at the AGM.


7.         Police Report

            Ian welcomed Sergeant Mark Osborne and PCSO Amy Thompson.

·         Community Messaging. Mark commented there are still issues with the system.  Due to resources the messaging system is being taken away from  central control and the police will be using a group of volunteers.  It is early days yet but members of the public are coming in to help and we will see a massive change.

Volunteers have signed up and are being trained.   There will be a rota of 13 volunteers for Community Messaging who will have the same vetting as a Police Constable.  By the summer it should be up and running.

Volunteer training includes how to write messages, what the boundaries are, sanitising information and use of the system. The same system will be used so it won't look any different, I.E. It will be on the "Community Messaging" platform.

SNAST should use this opportunity to help get the content and style of the messages right and could help influence the language and branding.

Volunteers need to know how to get the information to relevant areas .  The police need an up to date database.  County NHW have an up to date database and can send out relevant information.                                                           Needs to be more pro-active with the system especially with crime prevention.

·         There are 30 volunteers altogether which includes police cadets, administration etc.

·         Mark introduced new PCSO Amy Thompson.  South Northants Police are now at full strength with 11 PCSO's.

·         Crime.  Police have been visiting garages and encouraging them to fit anti theft screws to number plates to reduce number plate thefts.

                        Burglary residential dwellings are on the increase.  Patterns are emerging. Seems to be when people are on holiday.  Need to remind people to leave a light on, tell their neighbour they are away, locks on windows, burglar alarm etc.

                        Churches are also being targeted at the moment in daylight and premises adjacent to churches.

                        Catalytic Converters -  It is thought that not all thefts are being reported to the Police.  In an ideal world all catalytic converters should be post coded and  thefts reported as soon as they are discovered. 

Coffee Break and Interval for 10 minutes!          

John Hunter on behalf of Towcester NHW handed out a home security leaflet which he had drafted.  This will be delivered to households in Towcester.  Everyone agreed the information was good. 

Ian asked John to email the leaflet to Linda who would email out to all NHW Coordinators and to Ian Fearnley.

Sergeant Osborne mentioned a short video produced by CEOP called "Where's Klaus" (Available on Youtube).  It highlights the dangers on lack of parental control for children online.          

8.         South Northants Homes Grant.

            Nick has received 90 signs.  Signs are £7.95 each.  Invoice to be paid.

            South Northants Homes like the logo.  Everyone liked the signs.

            From the survey  -

·         These villages told us they do not have visible NHW signs and would like some: Croughton,Denton,Evenley, Helmdon,Kings Sutton, Shutlanger, Syresham/Crowfield, Whiston, Whicken and Bugbrooke.   

Bugbrooke took 3 signs from the meeting.

·         These villages told us they do have some signs but would like some more: Cogenhoe, Duncote, Gayton, Greens Norton, Harpole, Kislingbury, Pattishall, Potterspury, Roade, Towcester and Yardley Gobion.

            A team from SNAST will meet up to decide allocations etc.

            Publicity shoot with SNH, Police and SNAST. 

            NHW Coordinators to be invited to our next meeting to collect their signs.


9.         NHW  Coordinator Document

            Ian has drafted an  Information document for NHW Coordinators.  This was emailed to committee members before the meeting for comments.

            Each NHW Scheme is demographically different  but this information would help.

·         Comments and feedback to Ian within a month. 

            This document would then be sent out to all NHW Coordinators and put on SNAST Website.

            NHW Coordinators to be directed to SNH contacts also.


10.       Get to know your Neighbour SNAST Events

            Idea to hold a series of events in an area with no NHW Coordinator.

            Areas to be highlighted. 

            Richard suggested matching it into PCSO patches.

            Sub meeting to discuss and sort out venues and dates.  Ian, Phil, Linda Richard Nick and Tina. 

11.       Website

            Although this is ticking along we all need to send something to put on the website.          

            Police were encouraged to use the site to put out urgent alerts.

            Do people know what SNAST is?

            Jean to contact David (Harpole) re website to assist with triggers to find the SNAST site.

            SNAST cannot publish every Coordinators name on the site unless they have permission from the individual. 

12.       Any Other Business

·         SNAST needs a higher profile.  Perhaps Social Media - Facebook?

         ACRE does a 1 day facebook workshop.

         The Police are on facebook. 

·         South Northants Homes to be invited to our next meeting to give out Signs. 

13.       Date of Next Meeting

            Wednesday 25th June Grafton Regis Village Hall 7.30pm (N.B. this venue has now been changed to Roade Village Hall )               


SNAST meeting held 23/1/14 (Summary of salient points arising)
Inspector Andy Hall our Sector Commander reported that overall there has been a reduction of crime across the South Northants Area, with car crime dropping sharply. The Police have been very proactive in targeting known offenders and it is thought that this tactic has been an effective measure in reducing crime. Burglary however is still an issue. Many villages have been targeted and it is thought that offenders are travelling to our area to commit the crimes. Everyone is encouraged to ensure that their home security is given priority.
The Police are working hard to recruit volunteers. There is a drive to appoint Special Constables, Cadets and other volunteers. A number of these volunteers will be used to get timely and relevant information out to Neighbourhood Watch coordinators. If anyone has any spare time they are actively encouraged to support this drive.
Streetwatch - Inspector Hall gave a brief overview of Streetwatch. It is a simple but effective tool whereby volunteers wearing fluorescent jackets walk the streets, engage with the community and report any issues to the Police. It has been shown to be a highly effective tools for reducing crime.

SNAST constitution
Meeting arranged to review our constitution (copy on SNAST website) - anyone with any views please let SNAST know.
Following the grant from South Northants Homes - Needs analysis completed, type of available signs reviewed, artwork completed, signs will be distributed to areas in need of coverage as soon as possible.
Discussion about holding an open evening for Parish Councils and specifically those that have no NHW cover. Ideally this could be a joint venture with the Police.
We have an excellent site, very well managed. We just need to ensure that we feed the site manager relevant and timely information for updating, a responsibility on all coordinators. The Police have access to the site to pass on information.

Take care


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