SNAST - South Northants (NHW) Area Support Team 

   South Northants (NHW) Area Support Team                  

The SNAST committee consists of up to 20 invited co-ordinators from existing Neighbourhood Watch schemes within the South Northamptonshire Area.

    Chairman - Nick King

    Vice-Chair - Phil Renshaw

    Secretary - Linda Hemming

    Deputy Treasurer - Tina Adey

The primary objective of our Support Team is to increase the number of NHW groups in South Northants and thereby promote crime awareness and crime prevention measures for the benefit of all.

 We provide access to:

         * Advice on all aspects of running your Neighbourhood Watch.
         * Information sharing with other local Watches and presentations associated with NHW.            
         * Leaflets and stickers now that the Home Office has withdrawn its funding.

As we are sure you can appreciate with the dawn of the 'Big Society' and the recent government cuts in funding Neighbourhood Watch is an excellent way to enable residents within your parish to help themselves. The extra vigilance from encouraging NHW in your parish will help to deter burglary, theft and doorstep crime.


Our Aims and Objectives are:

1.  To
foster close working relationships in the South Northants Area between all Neighbourhood Watch Groups and the Police Force with a view to the promoting the safety and security of the people and property, thus improving the quality of life for all.

2.  To
reduce crime in the community, both real and perceived.

3.  To engender close working relationships between NHW groups so that crime and anti social behaviour, from whatever quarter and in whatever form, can hopefully be reduced and maybe even removed forever.

4.  To
have a system of communication that will enable every recognised NHW group in the South Northants Area to be contacted about crimes that have been, or are being, committed.

5.  To
share ideas and successes, not only with our area, but also with colleagues in other areas of Northamptonshire.

6.  To
ensure where possible that every co-ordinator in the South Northants Area has means of contacting all other co-ordinators in their Police Beat Area.

7.  To
foster enthusiasm for NHW and support and assist in the introduction of new groups in the South Northants Area.

8.  To
promote the idea, that all residents should be good neighbours.

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