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Security Alarms

Noisy alarms constitute a real deterrent against personal attack and property theft so we are promoting the use of small alarms for personal protection and security outside the home.

Multi-function Alarm
Can be used as a Hand Held Personal Alarm, a Doorbell or Motion Detection Alarm.  Its most popeular use is as a shed alarm and is often referred to as such.


We offer the "Minder" Personal Attack Alarm and the smaller "Defender" Minimax to scare off muggers and undesirables.  Ideal for the elderly and vulnerable to give confidence when answering the door or when out alone.  Could be handy to carry one in the car.
Apart from the alarm, the "Minder" has an integral torch feature which also acts as a flashing strobe light when the alarm is activated.  The "Defender" is small and compact measuring only 50x40x20.

    Shed Alarm                            Personal Alarm Minder                Personal Alarm Defender

                                     Beat the Burglar! - Security Outside The House


 Suitable for homes, sheds, garages, caravans and general purpose security. The Keypad Alarm can be used either as a traditional alarm or as a door entry chime detector, includes a magnetic contact option giving greater versatility and breadth of application. 

Swivel mounting bracket is connected to the alarm body, thus allowing complete control of the area to be covered. The Keypad operates via a four digit code.  

   •     PIR or Magnetic Contact (2m cable) activated

   •     Entry/exit delay

   •     Full operating instructions included

   •     All fixings supplied with choice of fixing method 

   •     130+ dBs siren

   •     1 year warranty

   •     Batteries included

   •     Compatible with External Siren  

£12.00 each (Post and packing extra at cost)


                                          Personal Protection! - Security For Yourself

             Carry either a Minder Personal Attack Alarm to scare off muggers & undesirables

· Pull pin activation
· Loud alarm (140+ dBs)
· Integral torch feature
· Belt clip
· Window/door mounting bracket
· Batteries included
· 5 year warranty
Size 60 x 70 x 20 Incorporates a flashing strobe light.

Price £6.50 each

                                   Or a Defender Minimax Personal Safety Alarm

· Small and compact
· 130 dBs siren
· Keyring activated
· Batteries supplied and fitted
· 1 year warranty
Size 40 x 50 x 20

Price £3.00 each 

We have negotiated especially keen prices for Neighbourhood Watch. Packing and postage is charged extra at cost. Cash or cheque with order.

To order, email Tina Adey at: or collect from her in Yardley Gobion.




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