SNAST - South Northants (NHW) Area Support Team 


Smartwater - for Neighbourhood Watch - a unique and individual way to protect your home and possessions.


Smartwater is a clear forensic solution which is visible under ultraviolet (UV) light and contains a unique chemical DNA code that links property with it's rightful owner. Once applied to any item Smartwater is virtually impossible to remove, thereby making it undesirable to thieves because it increases their chances of arrest and conviction. As a result, Smartwater acts as a powerful criminal deterrent.

Smartwater helps the police to recover stolen property, and increases the chance of a succesful criminal prosecution.

How to buy: Contact our SNAST treasurer Tina Adey at

Northamptonshire police have committed to checking all arrested individuals and recovered property using ultraviolet light and linking any traces of Smartwater back to the crime.


  •  Assigns your valuables with heir unique forensic code, allowing them to be traced to you.

  • Makes your home less of a target for thieves

  • Can be used on anything from electronic equipment to jewellery

  • Easy to apply, only visible under UV light - does not leave unattractive marks or stains

  • Proven to work - widely used by the police and feared by criminals

  • Gives added peace of mind

  • Supplied with signage to warn thieves that your home is protected




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